File system targets standard NOR devices

Newbury, England
Abacus Polar unveiled a range of products for embedded devices, including file system software. The new solutions follow the signing of a distribution agreement with HCCEmbedded, and complement existing embedded solutions from Abacus.

The solutions range from microcontrollers and digital-signal-processing devices, through memories and development tools, to complete systems based on Microsoft Windows CE and XP Embedded.

The HCC portfolio comprises several families of file systems targeted at standard NOR devices, serial flash, and RAM drives, through microcontrollers with embedded flash, to PC-compatible cards in compact flash, multimedia-card (MMC), and Secure Digital formats. In addition, there’s software that enables microcontrollers to be mounted as pen drives on a standard personal computer.

EFFS-TINY is a fail-safe file system designed for flash devices with small erasable sectors that demand a small ROM footprint and tiny usage of RAM. It’s ideal for most standard serial flash parts and RAM drives. The system is particularly suited to microcontrollers (such as the MSP430) that feature flash which is both erasable in small sectors and is application-programmable.

Using EFFS-TINY generates new possibilities, such as storing configuration data as standard .ini or .txt files, or simply being able to drop new .wav files to the microcontroller.

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