Flash-based 32bit microcontroller fosters single-chip connectivity

Two new 68K/ColdFire microcontroller product families target industrial control applications ranging from remote data collection and security enhancements to home automation and environmental monitoring.

Freescale Semiconductor’s MCF5223x family of 32bit microcontrollers delivers a Fast Ethernet controller, Ethernet PHY, and flash memory all on one chip. They also include the cryptographic acceleration unit, which is an instruction-level ColdFire co-processor that helps speed functions that are critical to increasing cryptographic algorithm performance.

The second family of 32bit microcontrollers integrates USB On-The-Go and flash memory. As a result, two USB devices can communicate without a host interface.

These device families widen the entry point to 32bit performance by giving design engineers options for enhanced control, connectivity, and security capabilities on more cost-effective 68K/ColdFire 32-bit embedded controllers.

TAGS: Freescale
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