FRAM achieves 4Mbyte milestone

Ramtron International Corp. is laying claim to the first 4Mb FRAM memory. The FM22L16—a 3V, parallel nonvolatile RAM in a 44-pin thin small outline plastic (TSOP) package—features fast access, virtually unlimited read/write cycles, and low power consumption. Pin-compatible with asynchronous static RAM (SRAM), the FM22L16 targets industrial control systems such as robotics, network, and data-storage applications.

The FM22L16 comes organised as a 256K by 16 nonvolatile memory, accessed with an industry-standard parallel interface. Access time is 55ns, while cycle time takes 110ns. The device reads and writes at bus speed for NoDelay writes with an endurance of at least 100 trillion writes and 10-year data retention.

This FRAM is a drop-in replacement for standard asynchronous SRAMs and doesn’t require a battery for data backup. The FM22L16 is a true surface-mount solution, requiring no rework steps for battery attachment, and is resistant to moisture, shock, and vibration.

TAGS: Robotics
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