Grace extends hand to ARM program

Cambridge, England and Shanghai, China:
The Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. joined the ARM foundry program by licensing its ARM7TDMI and ARM926EJ processors, as well as the associated ARM embedded trace macrocell (ETM9) on-chip debug peripheral. It is Grace's first CPU license from ARM.

This builds on Grace Semiconductor's agreement last September to license a suite of ARM's Artisan physical IP, including the Sage-X standard cell library, general-purpose I/O, and memory generators, to support the company's 0.18µm and 0.13µm process technologies. With the new foundry license, Grace will be able to leverage the ARM7TDMI and ARM926EJ processors, as well as its ETM9 on-chip debug peripheral.

Under the terms of the foundry program, mutual customers will be able to quickly integrate and complete SoC designs that include either processor. The ARM7TDMI processor is available now in a 0.18µm process and the ARM926EJ processor and ETM9 macrocell will become available in a 0.13µm process initially. Both will come in other nodes in the future.

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