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Hosting Service Available For Product Solution Suite

The Agile Anywhere suite of product content-management applications has a new hosting service. Users now can offload the IT burden of hosting, managing, and maintaining Agile Anywhere e-hubs to Agile experts, thereby enhancing manufacturing efficiency. The hosting service also expands the range of available application-service-provider delivery models to match consumer needs.

The Agile Anywhere suite contains product change calibration solutions that totally automate the management of product information and engineering change orders across the e-supply chain. It manages all product information, as well as a product's entire life cycle, with all information and services available through the company's e-hubs.

The hosting service will be available to the company's customers in the second quarter. Pricing depends on the size of the Agile Anywhere installation.

Agile Software Corp., One Almaden Blvd., San Jose, CA 95113-2253; (408) 975-3900; fax (408) 271-4862; www.agilesoft.com.

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