IMEC to collaborate with Riber on sub-22nm node work

Rueil-Malmaison, France and Leuven, Belgium:
Riber recently signed on with IMEC's Industrial Affiliation Program (IIAP) on Germanium (Ge) and III-V devices for CMOS beyond the 22nm node. Research will be performed on Riber's ultra-high vacuum molecular beam epitaxy cluster system for 200mm. Riber supplies MBE products and services to the compound semiconductor community.

The availability of a molecular beam epitaxy cluster at IMEC, the Belgian nanotech research institute, will enable IMEC and its partners to create fundamental know-how on Ge and III-V processing, as well as develop the core technology ingredients. The program aims to demonstrate that the introduction of Ge and III-V materials enables CMOS scaling beyond 22nm. Moreover, this collaboration will form the base for a possible extension of the IIAP on Ge and III-V devices beyond mere CMOS into the area of photonic applications.

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