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Interface Links Origin And Mathematica Software

Origin Link for Mathematica acts as an easy-to-use interface between Origin scientific graphing and data-analysis software and the Mathematica fully integrated technical computing system. By providing Mathematica users with access to a number of plot types, this point-and-click interface for graph editing simplifies the plotting, customization, and export of publication-quality graphs. According to its manufacturer, this link combines Mathematica's computational power with Origin's intuitive graphing capabilities. Users can employ it to manipulate and visualize data and equations with just a few mouse clicks and then export their graphs in a variety of file formats, including EPS, JPG, and TIF. It consists of a multi-tabbed dialog box that permits data and expressions to be transferred between Mathematica and Origin. Mathematica's expressions can be entered, and the results are viewable in a scrollable window. Mathematica then can be used to analyze the data while the results are graphed in Origin. Customers can download this interface for free from the company's web site.

Microcal Software Inc., One Roundhouse Plaza, Northampton, MA 01060; (800) 969-7720, (413) 586-2013; fax (413) 585-0126;

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