Latens Deal Aims To Beat The Pirates

Latens Systems has ported its IP CAS to Texas Instruments digital media processor platform. This, says the company, means a new generation of content-oriented services, such as Pay-TV and Video on Demand (VOD) services via IP set top boxes, personal video recorders (PVR), personal computers (PCs) and other consumer devices, will be protected against piracy.

The combination of Latens' solution with TI's TMS320DM64x generation of digital media processors delivers an optimal and secure transaction system to equipment manufacturers and IPTV operators, protecting their broadband content and revenue streams.

Latens' systems employ new IT security techniques and use two-way digital networks to provide next-generation Conditional Access (CA) for broadband and digital cable networks through Secure Software Modules (SSMs) in the set-top box. The SSMs are monitored and managed across the network and, whenever necessary, are updated or replaced through the network.

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