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Linux-Based I/O Server Targets Real-Time Data Streams

The Easy I/O Linux-based network server is a flexible network I/O appliance that leverages Linux's versatility with new middleware technology to bring cost-effective, real-time networked data-streaming capabilities to embedded and enterprise application developers. According to its manufacturer, it provides a new approach for the creation and remote access of I/O servers, peripherals, and appliances for telecommunications, multimedia, or other applications that use real-time data streams.

Its middleware technology supplies unified interfaces for applications, network access, and real-time data collection and transfer. Application developers, then, can quickly deploy and access a streaming data server without understanding low-level real-time and network programming issues. And, its browser-based, hardware-configuration interface and universal application programming interfaces help reduce software development and maintenance costs while cutting time-to-market for new embedded and enterprise network data applications.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Computer I/O Corp., 8101 Sandy Spring Rd., Ste. 105, Laurel, MD 20707; (301) 725-1200; fax (301) 498-1595; Internet: www.computerio.com.

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