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Low-Power ZigBee Partnership Deal

Atmel and Ember Corporation have decided to partner on ultra-low-power ZigBee semiconductor developments. Atmel's AVR 8bit Flash microcontrollers combined with Ember's wireless semiconductor systems let OEMs take advantage of the emerging ZigBee application market with a complete, integrated-microprocessor, radio and software solution, claim the companies.

The partnership has already borne fruit, with many OEMs bringing real-world ZigBee-based products to market. For example, NURI Telecom, one of Korea's IT integrated management solution and automatic-meter-reading (AMR) solution providers, has developed a ZigBee-based AMR product and Home Network Solution using the Atmel/Ember platform.

NURI Telecom also developed a ZigBee-based communication module as an OEM product for many other AMR and Home Network Solution providers. Currently in pilot testing in Korea, and soon to be launched in the US, NURI's wireless AMR system will save utility companies money by eliminating the need to manually read electric, gas, and water meters at homeowners' premises.

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