LynuxWorks extends support to AMCC processors

LynuxWorks has made its BlueCat Linux embedded operating system available for the Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) PowerPC 440EP processor. Customers who are interested in evaluating BlueCat Linux with the 440EP processor can so do with the recently introduced evaluation kit from AMCC.

The PowerPC 440EP embedded processor from AMCC is geared to imaging, industrial control, networking and other embedded applications. PowerPC 440EP processors have speeds of up to 533Mhz and PowerPC Book E architecture. Peripherals include DDR SDRAM and connectivity via Ethernet, USB, UARTs, IIC, SPI and PCI.

The AMCC PowerPC 440EP evaluation kit allows customers to assess the 440EP processor and use the BlueCat Linux design as a starting-point for their own product development to accelerate system development time.

Developers who choose BlueCat Linux for the PowerPC 440EP will also have access to a variety of advanced embedded development tools from LynuxWorks such as VisualLynux, SpyKer and Luminosity to improve product quality and reliability, and get products to market at lower cost.

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