Nucleus EDGE add support for MIPS architecture

Accelerated Technology’s Eclipse-powered Nucleus EDGE software development environment is now available for the MIPS32 and MIPS64 architectures from MIPS Technologies. With the Nucleus software, developers can use the 4K , 4KE, 5K and 24K core families for digital entertainment and multimedia applications in an integrated development environment.

The Eclipse-based Nucleus EDGE software includes a graphical user interface that provides tutorials and demos to guide users through the development process. Users can interact with the GUI while the Nucleus EDGE software is running background tasks such as building the user application. This is particularly useful when debugging large applications with multiple cores.

The Nucleus EDGE software contains a project manager with an editor and builder that helps users automate their build process. Developers can set up one or more build environments by specifying the compiler and build options, giving them control over multiple projects and enabling quick and easy revisions of their embedded systems. This advanced build system is integrated with the MIPS SDE compiler and allows other command line-based tools to be plugged in as well.

The Nucleus debugger provides developers with a number of debugging environments. For example, using host-based debugging, software developers can experiment by running an application on the host machine before the final hardware is available or even decided upon. This allows the software developer to start coding earlier in the development cycle.

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