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Pocket Scanner Reads Full Pages In Four Seconds

Most pen-size scanners sacrifice speed for size, often reading one word at a time. But the DocuPen's reader is 8 in. wide, so it can scan an entire page—including graphics—in just four to eight seconds. Also, its 2 Mbytes of flash memory can store up to 100 monochrome pages of information with 200- by 100-dpi or 200- by 200-dpi resolution. Its PaperPort 8.0 software lets users integrate scanned documents with Outlook Express, Winfax, Notepad, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel through a USB/serial connection. Documents also could be exported into .bmp, .jpg, .pcx, .dcx, and .tif formats.

The software lets users crop, rotate, annotate, highlight, and add text to the documents as well. System requirements include Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, CD-ROM, 32-Mbyte RAM, and 60 Mbytes of hard-drive space. Weighing just 2 oz, the device is powered by a 1.55-V silver-oxide battery. It costs $199.99. For more information about the DocuPen, go to www.planon.com.

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