Precision clock conditioners

National Semiconductor launched five programmable clock-conditioning devices featuring jitter performance as low as 0.2ps. The conditioners integrate all of the functions required to clean and distribute ultra-low-noise clock signals throughout a system. Featuring the company's phase locked loop (PLL), voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and high-speed interface technology, these clock conditioners are well-suited for accurate clocking in high-performance data-conversion and data-processing subsystems.

In its booth at the show, National demonstrated the family clocking the company's new analogue-to-digital converters. The demonstrations highlighted wireless and wired infrastructure, medical, and test-and-measurement applications as three of the key equipment markets for the clock conditioners. National fabricates the clock conditioner family on its proprietary BiCMOS8 process technology in its South Portland, Maine, U.S., facility.

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