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Real-Time Platform Is Now Available Free

The company has released its entire QNX real-time platform for evaluation, prototyping, personal use, or other non-commercial purposes at no charge. Downloadable as a fully functional distribution, the software includes the full suite of QNX OS modules, a GNU tool-chain, code generating application builder, the Photon microGUI windowing system, Internet and multimedia applications, utilities, and source code for many applications, drivers and libraries. The free download also includes software from third-party vendors, including: Glide 3D API from 3dfx; scalable fonts from Bitstream; ICA client from Citrix; RenderWare 3D toolkit from Criterion; Quake III Arena demo from id Software; Flash Player from Macromedia; and RealPlayer from RealNetworks. The download comes in packages that the user can pick and choose from, using a package installer. This modular approach makes for faster downloads and simplifies the process of installing components. The platform is also available on CD-ROM, priced at $29.95.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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