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Recorder runs in real time

The RTI Recorder is a software solution for logging the highthroughput data, events and messages that drive the behavior of distributed real-time applications. Activity recorded by Real-Time Innovations’ RTI Recorder can be used for future analysis and debugging, regulatory compliance, and replay for testing and simulation purposes. Real-time applications—such as those used for financial trading, as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and combat management— depend on large volumes of data and can generate large volumes in a very short time period. Because these applications are very latencyand throughput-sensitive, recording critical information without impacting application performance or behavior can be extremely challenging.

Consequently, RTI Recorder is designed to be non-intrusive and can record high-rate data arriving in real time while having minimal impact on system behaviour. RTI Recorder can record about 15,000 messages per second with a message size of up to 256 bytes (measured on a 2GHz AMD Opteron using a 7200 RPM hard disk with a Serial ATA interface and a 16MB buffer).

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