Electronic Design

Remote Update Software Designed For Windows CE Devices

CE Remote Updater, designed for intelligent computing devices based on the Windows CE operating system (OS), is an off-the-shelf software development kit. It can be used by OEMs that produce devices requiring updates to data, software applications, device configuration, or even the OS itself from a remote location.

Through the development kit, developers can quickly and easily create software applications based on CE that call in to a remote server from a remote location. Update files can be stored on Unix or NT servers for access from the devices based on Windows CE. Results from the process are stored in a log file. CE Remote Updater uses an XML command file to control the update process and standard HTTP, FTP, and CIFS (common Internet file system) protocols for accessing update files.

CE Remote Updater will be available in the second quarter of this year for an unlimited-use site license costing $10,000. Run-time royalties depend upon the quality of licensed devices.

BSQUARE Corp., 3150 139th Ave., S.E. Bldg. 4, Ste. 500, Bellevue, WA 98005; (888) 820-4500; fax (425) 519-5999; Internet: www.bsquare.com.

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