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RTOS Takes Command Of Unmanned Aircraft

Unmanned aircraft, like the military models that proved so effective during the recent war in Iraq, don't need a hotshot pilot to be successful. But they do need a cutting-edge operating system. Fortunately, BAE Systems has one ready to go.

The company's CsLEOS real-time operating system (RTOS) underpins the Northrop Grumman Pegasus X-47A experimental unmanned aircraft's Avionics and Vehicle Management Computer, which performs flight control processing, autopilot control, engine control processing, mission command and control, navigation, and other functions.

As defined by the ARINC 653 specifications, CsLEOS' "brick-wall" time and memory partitioning permits multiple applications to run on the same system without interfering with each other. Its multiple scheduling modes let users switch between different schedule profiles in real time, making it possible to change the schedule of existing applications and/or add new applications on-the-fly.

For details, go to www.baesystems.com.

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