Samsung's 512Mb GDDR3 graphics memory powers Xbox 360

Samsung Electronics said it is providing the majority of graphics memory for the launch phase of Microsoft Xbox 360 multimedia console. Running at 700MHz, the Samsung 512Mb (16Mb x 32) GDDR3 will transmit data at 5.6Gbps per chip, that is, around 3.5 times faster than the memory used in the first Xbox, enabling real-time generation of near-cinematic animation in games.

At a system level, the 512Mb density will allow the Xbox 360 to provide eight times the capacity of the first Xbox to store highly detailed textures that depict more life-like images. The higher transmission speed and additional capacity also will accommodate expanded image processing needs anticipated for storing electronically-formatted photographs, movies, music videos and other compressed video files.

The Samsung graphics memory is built on 90nm process technology using 300mm wafers. It will interface with a graphics processor co-developed by Microsoft and ATI Technologies.

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