Secure solution for hardware

Those involved with hardware security-solution applications such as USB tokens, secure flash drives, media centres, and other related products may want to consider Atmel’s fully integrated AT98SC032CT-USB. It’s suited for computer functions such as single sign-on, 2-factor authentication, Web-portal strong-user authentication, secure login, digital rights management, and more.

Thanks to its CCID-compliant, full-speed USB 2.0 interface, the AT98SC032CT-USB is seen as a smart card by the host platform. This chip solution, which features an increased storage memory of 32kB with a password- protected file system, meets all FIPS140-2 requirements.

The device embeds complex firmware that provides advanced functionalities. Among them are strong authentication, one-time password generation, digital signature (3DES MAC, RSA PKCS#1, EC-DSA), data encryption (3DES, RSA PKCS#1), message digest (SHA1 & 256), random number generation and public key generation (RSA, ECC). It also contains an administration application, which manages the contents and configuration of the chip.

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