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Signal Record/Playback Instrument Streams Data At 500 MB/s

Completely portable, the Model RTS 2721 signal recording and playback instrument weighs 23 lbs., measures 16.8" x 5.7" x 11.5", and delivers recording and playback rates up to 500 MB/s. Applications include communications and radar requiring acquisition, down-conversion, analysis, up-conversion, and reproduction of baseband and IF signals. The unit includes a Model 7641 software-radio transceiver and two 14-bit ADCs providing sample rates up to 125 MHz for handling either IF input signals with center frequencies as high as 300 MHz or baseband signals up to 60 MHz. Multiple digital down converters (DDCs) translate tunable frequency slices of the input spectrum down to baseband and then filter the output. With programmable DDC decimation factors from two to 32,768, DDC output signal bandwidths can range from 8 kHz to 60 MHz. Playback operation allows analog reproduction of digital signals stored on the RAID array through the two 16-bit DACs. Built-in interpolation filters boost baseband sampling rates by a factor of two to 32,768, producing D/A rates up to 500 MHz and a digital up converter translates recorded baseband signals to IF center frequencies as high as 160 MHz at bandwidths of 8 kHz to 60 MHz. Based on a Windows XP Professional workstation, the unit gains support via Model 4990 SystemFlow instrument software. Price for the Model RTS 2721 including the Model 4990 SystemFlow software, carrying bag, keyboard, and mouse is typically $59,995 depending on options. For more details, contact Mario Schiavone at PENTEK INC., Upper Saddle River, NJ. (201) 818-5900, ext. 770.

Company: PENTEK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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