Tundra targets military and comms applications

Tundra Semiconductor has announced the availability of its Tundra Tsi148 bridge with industrial temperature rating. The company says that the Tsi148 is the industry's leading PCI/X-to-VMEbus bridge and successor to the Tundra Universe II, a VMEbus bridge for embedded systems customers.

The industrial temperature-rated Tsi148 means that customers with challenging thermal environments in military and communications applications can perform system qualification at ambient temperatures up to +85°C.

The Tundra VME System Interconnect portfolio also includes the SCV64TM bus bridge and the Universe II bus bridge. All are available in commercial and industrial temperature ratings. The Universe II is available in lead-free packaging options to comply the RoHS legislation. Samples of its lead-free Tsi148 and SCV64 are promised early in 2006.

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