“Custom Enclosures Services” Crafts Cases To User Requirements

“Custom Enclosures Services” Crafts Cases To User Requirements

Manufactured-to-order enclosures, such as desktop, portable, wall-mount, and 19-inch rack-mount cases, are possible through METCASE’s new “Custom Enclosures Service.” It’s designed to help engineers develop a unique housing to exactly match their requirements. Engineers can specify all mounting parameters for their electronic components, assemblies, and printed-circuit boards (PCBs). METCASE then manufactures the enclosures to the exact external dimensions that were determined, and CNC punch or drill all external panels with holes and cutouts to suit connectors, switches, etc. Special internal chassis and mounting plates for PCB assemblies, power supplies, etc., are available in steel or aluminum material. The company can achieve these solutions—at competitive prices—by using standard extrusion profiles and die castings, and manufacturing specially fabricated sheet-metal parts. Batch sizes can be small—a typical minimum order quantity is 10 enclosures.


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