Handheld Enclosure Family Adds Six Smaller Models

Handheld Enclosure Family Adds Six Smaller Models

By adding six smaller XS models to its ERGO-CASE handheld enclosure range, OKW Enclosures now offers 42 individual housings for personal electronics such as medical equipment and security devices. The extra small cases, which suit compact handheld electronic devices, feature an ergonomically contoured design. The ERGO-CASE XS consists of a top, base, and intermediate ring, and is assembled with two self-tapping screws. Options include no eyelets (Type I), one eyelet for a lanyard (Type II), or two lateral eyelets (Type III) for fitting the device to a wrist strap or belt. The entire range offers four sizes: XS, S, M, and L in flat and high models; external dimensions range from 3.23 by 2.20 by 0.94 in. to 5.91 by 7.87 by 2.72 in. All have a recessed area in the top for mounting a membrane keypad or product label. Screw pillars in the top section and location pillars in the base are provided for fitting printed-circuit boards and battery assemblies.


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