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Wall-Mount Enclosures’ Inset Panels Hide Connectors

Wall-Mount Enclosures’ Inset Panels Hide Connectors

OKW’s NET-BOX family of wall-mount enclosures features an inset cable connection panel to hide connectors under a removable front lid. The enclosures’ flat design facilitates installation of electronic assemblies, displays, and large-volume connectors. A curved top section can be fitted with LEDs, displays, and switches, while a large area on the underside is used to mount interfaces and connectors. Connectors are always accessible. An optional infill cover makes it possible to create an additional compartment for greater installation volume or to protect the connections. They come in three standard sizes with dimensions from 5.51 by 5.51 by 1.83 in. to 8.66 by 8.66 by 1.99 in. Thanks to use of a UL 94 V-O rated ASA+PC material, the enclosures can handle outdoor applications. IP65 (NEMA 4) protection is available when specifying an optional sealing kit. Applications include data-acquisition systems, central control units, measuring and control, data-systems engineering, and medical.


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