Design-Specific Enclosures Suit Credit-Card Sized Computers

Design-Specific Enclosures Suit Credit-Card Sized Computers

Hammond’s latest range of design-specific moulded enclosures supports credit-card-sized, low-cost bare-board computers that typically run Linux. Although broadly similar in size and shape, inevitable differences exist in the positioning of I/O, power, and expansion ports on each design. The enclosures, derived from the company’s 1593 family, come in versions configured for the particular board design, with machined slots, cutouts, and apertures in the cover and end panels. In some variants, the covers are molded with the required access points.  Each has dedicated access positions for external connectivity, such as Ethernet, USB, and serial ports.

The enclosures currently support the Arduino Uno, Due, and Mega; the Beaglebone and Beaglebone Black; and the Freescale Freedom. Enclosures for the Arduino Tre and Intel Galileo are in development and will be available soon.


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