Low-Leakage CAN Transceiver Meets Industrial/Automotive Needs

The MC33901 and MC34901 chokeless CAN high-speed physical-layer transceivers from Freescale deliver ±6-kV ESD performance and >36-Bm DPI (direct power injection) EMC performance without any external components. Their 2-Mbit/s baud rate addresses CAN FD (flexible data) application requirements.

The devices’ fail-safe features assist with system functional safety, and quiescent current drops down to 8 µA. They also provide 5- and 3.3-V auto-detect compatibility.

The MC33901, targeted at analog CAN communication across in-vehicle networks, integrates a Tx-dominant timeout feature. The MC34901, on the other hand, is designed for long-length CAN node interconnect for industrial applications. It features support for long-length and low baud rate networks.


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