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AKA Packages FPGA With Processors

Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) was showing off its Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated System-on-Module (PRISM) line including the PRISM 150, 200, and 300 (Fig. 1). These aggregate discrete logic and interfaces into a single device. The PRISM 300 includes a 667MHz AMCC 440EPs, Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA with 30K LUTs, 32Mbytes of FPGA SDRAM, 1Gbyte of processor DDR2 SDRAM, and 1Gbyte of NAND flash. All clock and power supply requirements are handled on the module. The memory can store multiple configurations. Module interfaces include a pair of 1553 ports, a pair of CAN ports, a pair of 10/100/1000 Base-T/Base-LX/SX Ethernet ports, USB 2.0 Host and Device ports, a USB 2.0 Device port, a 32 bit, 66MHz PCI port, four serial ports and a SPI/I2C port. The PRISM 300 is 3.2- by 3.2-in. package that plugs into 546-pin PGA socket. A host of standard operating systems can run on the Power architecture processor. The module approach eliminates many of the design headaches that occur when designing with FPGAs. Related Links Advanced Knowledge Associates

TAGS: Digital ICs
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