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ASICs Offer FPGA Production Solutions

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Positioned as a low-cost, high-performance production solution for large FPGAs, the Lightning 4Em series ASICs consists of four devices offering memory organization, logic and packaging options that closely map to the five highest end devices in XilinxÕs Virtex-E FPGA series. Features include 4 Kb of embedded memory block size, memory blocks from 96 to 208 blocks, usable ASIC gates ranging from 250k to 1M gates, and from 560 BGA to 1,156 fine-pitch BGA packages. Prototype delivery is typically less than three weeks from netlist sign-off and first production volumes are delivered one month from prototype approval. A production replacement for the Xilinx XCV1000E is $110 per device and the 4E144m300-BG680 replacement for a XCV1600E, is $165 each/10,000 units per year. LIGHTSPEED SEMICONDUCTOR, Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 616-3200.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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