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C-Based Design Support Emerges For 90-nm FPGAs

As nanometer-scale circuits become more prevalent, tools will be needed to deal with these designs. One such tool is the DK Design Suite—a design tool for software-compiled system design. It provides designers with a C-based language design environment for 90-nm platform FPGAs. Using the DK Design Suite, designers can partition designs between hardware and software, verify the system using higher-level languages, and directly synthesize from C-based models to 90-nm FPGAs like Xilinx's Spartan-3 devices. By combining the DK Design Suite with platform FPGAs, such as Spartan-3, designers can access the fastest path to the implementation of high-density, low-cost programmable systems including millions of gates and soft processor cores.

The DK Design Suite provides the fastest route to design realization for platform FPGA devices. The methodology employs higher-level languages such as C, C++, System-C, and Handel-C to raise design abstraction, allowing designers to represent complex designs in shorter descriptions. The use of a common language base allows design functionality to move easily between hardware and software implementations, thereby finding the optimal design partition.

The DK Design Suite is available now. Contact the company directly for pricing information or visit the Web site for more information.

Celoxica, Inc.
900 E. Hamilton Ave., Campbell, CA 95008; (800) 570-7004, www.celoxica.com.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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