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Companies Pool Resources To Accelerate FPGA Design Time

The technologies pooled together to decrease time-to-market for FPGA-based systems include Xilinx's ChipScope Pro and Agilent Technologies's trace core and trace port analyzer. The combo promises to accelerate debug time for in-circuit designs and lower development costs. ChipScope software integrates directly with its maker's Integrated Software Environment version 5.1i. Once paired with the trace core and trace port analyzer, ChipScope Pro can be used to perform complex analysis of signals within the FPGA. Trace core was developed specifically for in-system debugging of Xilinx FPGAs, while trace port analyzer is a LAN-based cable equipped with deep trace storage that provides access to the FPGA. The new system supports various Xilinx FPGA families, with ChipScope Pro cores integrated into the FPGA to provide real-time debug and verification capabilities via a standard JTAG port. The trace core can be integrated into the FPGA design with the ChipScope Pro COREGenerator tool, or it can be directly integrated intro the design netlist via the Core Inserter. ChipScope Pro with trace core is available from Xilinx as part of its ISE 5.1i, with a free 30-day evaluation version downloadable from the company's Web site. Agilent's FPGA trace port analyzer, option E5904B, costs $6,995. For more details, contact Brent Przybus at XILINX, INC., San Jose, CA. (801) 424-0192.

Company: XILINX, INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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