Customize “Killer” Mobile-Device Features With FPGA Family

Customize “Killer” Mobile-Device Features With FPGA Family

Lattice Semiconductor’s iCE40 Ultra FPGA family integrates emerging infrared remote, barcode, touch, user-identification, and pedometer functions, and couples them with customization capabilities—up to 3250 lookup tables and 26 I/Os for customized interfaces—that enable quick implementation of “killer” differentiating features in mobile devices. According to the company, the FPGAs offer five times more functionality at 30% smaller size than competing solutions—the smallest iCE40 Ultra FPGA, in a wafer-level chip-scale (WLCS) package, measures 1.7 by 2.1 by 0.45 mm. In addition, power was reduced by 75% over previous devices. The FPGAs incorporate LED drivers, programmable I2C and SPI interfaces, 10-kHz and 48-MHz oscillators, four 16-by-16 multiplier and 32-bit accumulator blocks, a programmable phase-locked loop, three 24-mA and one 500-mA constant current sinks, up to 80 kbits of embedded block RAM (non-volatile), and configuration memory (NVCM). Lattice’s iCECube2 tool provides software support.



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