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DAC’s JESD204B Interface Facilitates Board Routing

DAC’s JESD204B Interface Facilitates Board Routing

74749_1205-ASan Jose, Calif., U.S.: A low-power dual 16-bit DAC developed by IDT incorporates JESD204B for multi-carrier broadband wireless applications. The DAC165xD1G5HN, a 16bit, 1.5Gsample/s dual DAC with 10Gbps JESD204B serial interface and x2, x4, and x8 interpolation filters, consumes only 400 mW of power per channel at full operating speed. Moreover, it dissipates minimal heat to reduce cooling requirements.

The JESD204B interface simplifies printed-circuit-board routing and stack-up by replacing 32 matched differential-lane pairs (common with traditional interfaces) with four JESD204B high-speed differential lanes.

To support beam-forming, IDT implemented harmonic clocking and deterministic latency via multi-device synchronisation (MDS). As a result, multiple DAC output streams can be sample-level-synchronised and phase-coherent for coordination at the system level.


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