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FPGA Module Combines FPGA with an ARM Core Processor

FPGA Module Combines FPGA with an ARM Core Processor

The proFPGA ZynqTM 7000 FPGA Module from PRO DESIGN is a complete embedded processing platform for the development and verification of SoC and IP design. The proFPGA family of products is a scalable, modular multi FPGA prototyping solution. The new module can be mounted on the proFPGA uno, duo, or quad motherboard, or mixed with other proFPGA modules. It is equipped with a Xilinx Zynq XC7Z045 or XC7Z100 FPGA which combines a user FPGA with an ARM Core Processor and various on board interfaces including USB 2.0 OTG, Gigabit Ethernet, or ARM JTAG debugging.  It also includes 1 Gbyte on board DDR3 and dual quad SPI flash memory. The module offers a total of two extension sites on the top with 260 standard I/Os and 16 high speed serial transceivers for extending the board. It allows a maximum point to point speed up to 1.2 Gbits/s over the standard FPGA I/O and up to 12.5 Gbits/s over the high speed serial transceivers.


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