FPGA Reference Designs Boost System Efficiency Up To 35%

Four new FPGA reference designs developed by Altera Corp. leverage power technology from recently acquired Enpirion. The turnkey power solutions increase efficiency by up to 35% and reduce board area up to 50% when compared to other solutions, according to the company. The power-optimized reference designs exploit Enpirion’s PowerSoC dc-dc converters, which include integrated controllers, high-frequency power FETs, and inductors in a thermally efficient package. They’re offered as downloadable design packages and demonstrated in hardware on Altera development kits.  Each design package contains schematics for the FPGA’s power circuits, app notes, BOM list, power-tree layout guidelines, and Gerber files for individual power components. A package targeting Cyclone V SoCs is currently available for download; others targeting 28-nm FPGAs are expected to arrive later this quarter.


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