Electronic Design

FPGA Tool Suite Welcomes New Device Families Into The Fold

Magma's characterization and modeling tools now support Legend Design Technology's MSIM circuit simulator. Magma's SiliconSmart tools, combined with the Legend MSIM simulator, quickly deliver accurate nanometer libraries. SiliconSmart tools support sophisticated stimulus definition, measurement acquisition, and job-management features. For more information, visit www.magma-da.com and www.legenddesign.com.

Nonvolatile Memory IP from Kilopass Technology is the latest addition to the overall portfolio of Global UniChip, an SoC design foundry. The Kilopass' XPM nonvolatile memory technology lets customers access post-manufacturing programming of nonvolatile memory implemented in standard 0.18- and 0.13-┬Ám CMOS processes. For details, see www.globalunichip.com and www.kilopass.com.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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