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FPGAs Sprout Low-Cost Programmable PROMs

Memory has become an increasingly important component to the field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) used in wireless devices. One of the latest memory additions is a family of low-cost, in-system programmable PROMs for the configuration of FPGAs. These Platform Flash PROMs provide the industry's lowest cost per megabit for FPGA configuration storage. Plus, they are available in a range from 1 to 32 Mb. The Platform Flash PROM family also provides the smallest footprint in the industry. The devices are offered in two ultra-small packages: a 6.4-×-6.5-mm VO20 TSSOP and an 8-×-9-mm FS48 thin-flat ball-grid array (BGA).

The Platform Flash product consists of six devices. All of the devices are implemented in Flash technology for full in-system reprogrammability. The 1-, 2-, and 4-Mb densities are available in the VO20 package. Each one supports serial configuration for all of the vendor company's FPGAs. The 8-, 16-, and 32-Mb versions are available in the FS48 package. They support both serial and parallel configuration modes. The larger-density devices also support advanced compression technology. They enable the storage of up to 50% more bits while allowing the use of a smaller-density, lower-cost PROM.

The Platform Flash PROMs comply with the industry-standard IEEE1532 interface. As a result, designers can use existing equipment to program and test them. With the higher-density devices, designers can program multiple designs into a single PROM. One PROM can then support multiple FPGAs in a daisy-chain configuration, which results in reduced part count and component costs.

The 1-Mb XCF01S will be priced at approximately $1.05 for 100,000 units. The 32-Mb XCF32P will sell for around $10.40 for 100,000 units. To find out about the products' availability, please contact the company. Programming support for the Platform Flash PROMs is available within the company's Xilinx PROM programming equipment and cables, as well as the iMPACT software in the ISE development tools.

Xilinx, Inc.
2100 Logic Dr., San Jose, CA; (408) 559-7778, www.xilinx.com.

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