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High-Speed FPGAs Get Even Faster With 133-MHz PCI-X IP Core

The CorePCIX DirectCore solution is a 133-MHz PCI-X IP core targeted for the company's high-speed Axcelerator FPGAs. The product, which speeds time-to-market and reduces design and system costs, suits high-performance applications such as servers, workstations, and network and test equipment. The CorePCIX core is available as a PCI-X-only solution for embedded applications or as a PCI-X Specification version 1.0a-compliant solution for add-in card applications. It offers 32- or 64-bit modes, master and target functionality, 64-bit transfers, and support for all PCI-X/PCI burst transaction commands. The CorePCIX solution costs $18,000 for a single-use netlist.

Actel Corp.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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