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Logic Analyzer Adds More Memory, PCI Express/FPGA Test Capability

Good logic analyzers are vital to digital design validation and debugging. But they re playing an increasingly vital role because of the explosive use of FPGAs and the increased use of multilane serial buses like PCI Express and Serial ATA. The higher-speed signals in newer protocols are forcing an upgrade in testing gear. And with more analog signals being digitized, there's a need for more bandwidth and flexibility in testing.

Agilent's 16900 modular logic analyzers can meet these emerging requirements. The 16901A is a two-slot modular chassis with a 15-in. LCD touchscreen and a 3-GHz CPU with 1 Gbyte of RAM. The plug-in 16950B module is a 68-channel analyzer that permits state analysis capture of up to 667 MHz and a maximum data rate of 1066 Mbits/s with up to 64M of memory (see the figure). It suits DDR2, DDR3, FBD, and front-side bus testing. The 16951B module has similar features but with a whopping 256M of RAM, which is the deepest memory in the industry.

Two new probes extend the 16900 family s usefulness. The FSI-60112 PCIe Gen 1 probe lets embedded engineers test x1, x2, and x4 lane PCI Express designs.

The B4656A is an FPGA dynamic probe for Altera FPGA designs.

The 16901A starts at $14,000, and the 16950B module starts at $23,500. Both are shipping now. The 16951B 256M module, starting at $65,000, will be available in February.

Agilent Technologies

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