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MicroTCA Carrier Facilitates FMC Use Within AMC Format

MicroTCA Carrier Facilitates FMC Use Within AMC Format

AMC carrier allows utilization of FMC per VITA-57 within the AMC format of MicroTCA architecture.

Vadatech’s new AMC515 advanced mezzanine card (AMC) carrier for a FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) per VITA-57. The design allows utilization of FMCs within the AMC format of the MicroTCA architecture. Compliant to AMC.1, AMC.2, and AMC.4, the carrier for FMC features a Virtex-7 chip in a 1925 package. Multiple AMC carriers can be used in a system holding different FMCs, providing more serial protocol options and performance features. The FPGA interfaces directly to Ports 4-11 and to the CLK signals and allows protocols such as PCIe, SRIO and XAUI, to be programmed or re-configured. The on-board QorIQ pin peripheral controller runs at 1.0 GHz with 2 GB of DDR3 memory at 64-bit wide. The carrier comes in the single width, mid height (4 HP) or full height (6 HP) size. The AMC carrier has an on-board jitter clock cleaner, 8 MB of boot Flash, up to 32 GB of user Flash, a Serial over LAN with hardware RNG for secure sessions, and it is RoHS compliant.


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