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Non-Volatile FPGA Platform Includes Security Features

Expanding on its multi-platform strategy, Xilinx has introduced the Spartan-3AN FPGA platform. Built on its proven 90-nm Spartan-3 Generation low-cost FPGA fabric, the new platform combines the performance and functionality advantages of SRAM-based technology with reliable non-volatile flash technology in a single-chip solution. With the industry's largest user flash memory and enhanced security capabilities, the Spartan-3AN platform is optimized specifically for non-volatile applications where higher system integration or security is critical, according to Xilinx.

The new platform offers a range of device security features that safeguard against reverse engineering, cloning, and unauthorized overbuilding. It expands on the Xilinx Device DNA technology to provide a low-cost and effective mechanism for authenticating a valid design and ensuring a flexible design-level security. Designers have full flexibility in customizing algorithms for both authentication as well as responses to authentication failures. With its embedded flash, the Spartan-3AN platform further optimizes security by hiding any configuration communication from the outside, making it extremely difficult to understand the design contained within the FPGA.

The Spartan-3AN platform features five non-volatile device options. Configurations range from 50k to 1.4M system gates with up to 576 kbits of block RAM, 16 Mbits total embedded flash, and up to 502 I/Os supporting 26 popular I/O protocol standards. In addition, unique FPGA capabilities such as digital clock managers, multipliers, and low-power modes make the devices well-suited for bridging, memory interfacing, digital signal co-processing and embedded control applications. All devices are pin-compatible with Spartan-3A FPGAs.

Customers can immediately begin designing systems with Spartan-3AN FPGAs using the ISE 9.1i design tool suite and Spartan-3 Generation library of application-specific IP. Engineering samples are shipping now for the XC3S200AN, XC3S700AN and XC3S1400AN devices with all five devices in production by the third quarter of 2007. For customer production timeframes at the end of 2007, Spartan-3AN devices will offer designers over 4000 logic cells and 195 I/O for $4.90. Check out www.xilinx.com.

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