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Physical Synthesis Tool Boosts FPGA Performance By 20%

In a deal with Magma Design Automation, QuickLogic has added PALACE, the Magma physical synthesis tool for programmable logic devices, to the QuickWorks tool suite for its mWatt Eclipse II and Eclipse FPGA products. PALACE also will support the QuickLogic QuickMIPS family of embedded standard products. It will improve the circuit performance and design-cycle turnaround for the ESP family through a tightly coupled physical and logic synthesis solution as well. With the PALACE software seamlessly integrated into QuickLogic's SPDE design implementation software, a simple pushbutton design flow provides an average of over 20% performance (FMAX) improvement without manual iterations or floorplanning. Extensive benchmarking has yielded a peak performance improvement over 70%.


Magma Design Automation Inc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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