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Updated C-to-FPGA Compiler Accelerates Image Processing

Version 3.7 of CoDeveloper C-to-FPGA compiler includes performance improvements, wider Linux support, and more parallel hardware optimization features including higher-throughput streaming I/O. Other improvements include timing optimizations that speed up generated pipelines by optimizing out unnecessary dependencies in address generation and others that identify and improve state-enable dependencies for more efficient parallel statement scheduling. For selected platform targets, local FPGA memory can now be banked, allowing streaming reads and writes to access memories at a wider width than the actual array element width. CoDeveloper 3.7 update is available free of charge to licensed users with active maintenance agreements. IMPULSE ACCELERATED TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Kirkland, WA. Bellevue, WA. (425) 605-9543.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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