MathWorks introduces major new release of MATLAB

October 27, 2014. MathWorks this month announced a major new release of MATLAB as part of its Release 2014b that includes a new graphics system, big data capabilities, and improved collaboration features for packaging and sharing code and for source control integration. With these new capabilities, engineers and scientists in all major industries can more easily analyze and visualize their data.

Graphics system

The updated default colors, fonts, and styles in the new graphics system in MATLAB make it easier to interpret and gain insight from your data. New syntax for changing properties of graphics objects makes it simpler to customize visualizations. Additional new features include rotatable tick labels, support for multilingual text and symbols, and automatic updating of date and time tick labels.

Big data support

Additional big data capabilities within MATLAB provide more efficient ways to process data sets that don’t fit into memory. These include simplified ways to access and analyze big data text files and databases,and support for the MapReduce programming technique directly within MATLAB. These capabilities also scale for use on the big data platform, Hadoop.

Collaboration and sharing

MATLAB 2014b now offers Git and Subversion source-control system integration through the Current Folder Browser, including the ability to sync from web-hosted repositories such as those on GitHub. Custom toolboxes can be packaged as single, installable files. This makes it easier to distribute, as well as install and manage the shared code.

“Release 2014b is a culmination of years of hard work across many teams,” said Kevin Cohan, product marketing manager, MathWorks. “It speaks directly to customer needs while also providing additional capabilities that support key industry needs such as the ability to more easily process and analyze big data.”

For more information, visit the R2014b highlights page.

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