XJTAG releases boundary scan for Teradyne TestStation

October 27, 2014. XJTAG, a supplier of boundary-scan technology, has announced the release of the XJLink2-CFM and XJLink2-CFMx. The new modules provide Teradyne users with integrated access to XJTAG’s test and programming tools, operating under the control of the TestStation test program.

With a JTAG solution installed internally to the TestStation in-circuit test system, the complexity and recurring cost impact of fixture-based test can be significantly reduced, while improving overall test coverage.

Integrated Teradyne access will provide you with the following features:

  • advanced JTAG control using available slots on a Teradyne multi-function application board,
  • use of the same tests in production-line ICT and bench-top repair;
  • In-system programming of flash, FPGA, and CPLD devices, and
  • multiprotocol support—including SPI and I²C.

This new integrated product enables streamlining of the production line, while also boosting fault coverage, thanks to the combination of XJTAG’s connection test and non-JTAG device testing/programming with Teradyne’s in-circuit test capabilities.

The XJLink2-CFM is an advanced multi-TAP JTAG controller that fits into one of four Custom Function Module (CFM) locations on the Teradyne Multi-Function Application Board. A single or multiple XJLink2-CFMs can be added to the same Teradyne card for supplementary test and program capabilities—for instance, testing panels of boards. XJLink2-CFMx expander cards are also available to maximize available connectivity from an XJLink2-CFM controller, from a maximum of eight eight fixture-connectable signals when just using the XJLink2-CFM and up to 18 signals by adding one, two, or three XJLink2-CFMx cards.

The test interface of the XJLink2-CFM is completely configurable, allowing support for almost any programming protocol, not just JTAG devices. Programming speeds close to the theoretical maximum of a device can be achieved using the advanced features of the XJLink2-CFM.

The XJLink2-CFM is compatible with the standard USB XJLink2, so boards can be debugged at a repair station without having to develop a separate test setup. “Adding JTAG boundary scan functionality to the Teradyne test platform provides manufacturers with a robust, comprehensive test and programming environment,” said Simon Payne, CEO of XJTAG.

Flexible licensing options also aid ease of use—the product can contain an XJTAG software license and allow standalone operation without additional dongles or network access. The system can also be licensed from a network server allowing the maximum use of XJTAG products without having to move licensed hardware between machines.

XJTAG offers a free trial and board setup to new users who are interested in taking an evaluation.


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