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0.8-mm-Pitch Flash-Memory Socket Adapter Has Same Footprint As IC

0.8-mm-Pitch Flash-Memory Socket Adapter Has Same Footprint As IC

Users will be able to socket 48-pin EN29LV800C flash-memory BGA ICs with a socket that has the same footprint as an IC. With the SF-BGA48U-B-64F socket adapter, a 0.8-mm-pitch, 8- by 6-mm body, 8-by-6-array flash memory can be socketed and operate without compromising performance in CMOS applications. The Giga-snaP BGA socket and adapter pair consists of female BGA sockets with machined pins that are epoxy-overmolded into an assembly that matches the male pin adapter. The socket is soldered to a printed-circuit board (PCB) using standard methods without warping, creating a reliable connection to the board. The adapter (the top part in the figure), to which the user attaches a 48-ball flash-memory chip (or other compatible chips), plugs into the female socket on the board. Both the BGA socket and adapter are made of high-temperature FR-4, which helps match them with targeted PCBs and prevents failures caused by CTE mismatches. The Giga-snaP adapters have the same solder-ball types as the IC that they’re emulating. The top connection point on the male adapter to the solder ball on the female socket measures 4.5 mm.


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