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2-mm Metric Connector Slices Crosstalk

For multi-Gigabit apps in hard-metric, Compact PCI, VME, and PXI systems, the Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) socket connector delivers more than 7 Gb/s of backplane performance while attaining what the company claims is the industry’s lowest crosstalk. According to the company, virtual coaxial box shielding technology dramatically reduces crosstalk and improves insertion loss when compared to standard 2-mm hard-metric sockets. The connector mates with industry-standard 2-mm, hard-metric header connectors (IEC 61076-4-101) and enables multi-Gigabit performance in existing 2-mm system designs. As a result, standard Compact PCI and VME 64x systems can support high-speed serial IO protocols such as SAS, SATA, Rapid IO, PCI Express, and Gigabit Ethernet without costly backplane redesigns or forklift upgrades. The modular design of the UHM connector from allows users to design the right level of signal integrity while satisfying required mechanical constraints. Five-row (A, B, CL, CR, AB) and eight- row (D, E, DE, FL, FR) form factors are available and the socket supports 100-Ohm differential pairs in rows or columns. 3M ELECTRONICS, Austin, TX. (800) 364-3577.


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