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24-Way Connectors And Cover Sets Handle Rugged Rigors

24-Way Connectors And Cover Sets Handle Rugged Rigors

The company’s latest line of two-piece ultrasonic welded cover sets and 24-way connectors lay claim to being the most rugged available. CFast cover sets consist of a plastic frame molded around the cover and oriented in position with guide-posts.  Once assembled, the covers are ultrasonically welded together with a continuous weld joint around the perimeter of the card. Both cover sets and 24-way connectors are available in either Type I or Type II packages. The surface-mount connectors specify a current rating of 1.5A per pin and exhibit no discontinuity greater than 100 ns. Total mating force is 28.8N maximum at 25 mm/minute and total un-mating force is 3.7N minimum, 24.5N maximum at 25 mm/minute. Additionally, both the connectors and cover sets are rated to 10,000 mating cycles and operating temperature ranges from -55°C to +85°C. In 100,000-piece quantities, typical pricing for the CFast connectors and cover sets starts at $0.71 for the top and bottom covers and $1.37 for the connectors. ITT INDUSTRIES, CANNON, Santa Ana, CA. (714) 557-4700.

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