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7-16 DIN Adapter Kit Now Available In White Bronze Plating

Debuting more than 10 years ago, the 7-16 DIN adapter kit is now available in white bronze plating as well as silver. The 7-16 DIN connector interface offers technical advantages over the N or SMA connector interfaces for cellular communications. Capable of carrying high power at high frequencies, 7-16 DINs are larger and more precise as well as capable of more stable electrical and mechanical connections with tighter tolerances and improved VSWR performance. The RFA-4013-WB adapter kit with white bronze plating offers an efficient means to bridge type N devices to 7-16 DIN interfaces. For apps requiring frequent coupling and de-coupling and/or if tarnish resistance is an issue, white bronze would be the better plating choice. The white bronze 7-16 DIN adapter kit consists of a foam-lined, zippered package containing six adapters: RFD-1652-7 (7-16 DIN Male to 7-16 DIN Female R/A adapter); RFD-1653-7 (7-16 DIN Female to 7-16 DIN Female barrel adapter); RFD-1670-7 (7-16 DIN Male to N Male adapter); RFD-1671-7 (7-16 DIN Male to N Female adapter); RFD-1672-7 (7-16 DIN Female to N Male adapter); and RFD-1673-7 (7-16 DIN Female to N Female adapter). RF INDUSTRIES INC., San Diego, CA. (800) 233-1728.

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