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7-16 DIN Adapters Invite Frequent Torquing

Desirable for test applications such as base station passive intermodulation testing that require repetitive torquing, the company’s 7-16 DIN low loss, low VSWR adapters are designed to be used with portable antenna and cable analyzers.  The RFA-4013-SS, 7-16 DIN Precision Adapter Kit includes six of the most needed 7-16 DIN and N adapters for bench and field use. These include the P2RFD-1652-SS 7-16 DIN male to 7-16 DIN female right angle, P2RFD-1653-4 7-16 DIN female to 7-16 DIN female, P2RFD-1670-SS 7-16 DIN male to N male, P2RFD-1671-SS 7-16 DIN male to N female, P2RFD-1672-SS 7-16 DIN female to N male, and the P2RFD-1673-4 7-16 DIN female to N female. All 7-16 DIN adapters are machined to exacting specifications with white bronze plated bodies and stainless steel coupling nuts. RF INDUSTRIES INC., San Diego, CA. (800) 233-1728.

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